Camso DTS 129 Snowbikes

We are proud to be a Camso snowbike dealer. The Camso DTS 129 dirt-to-snowbike conversion system offers a similar kind of dirt bike feeling in the snow, bringing the best of both worlds with deep snow performance and better handling. All-around performance in all kinds of terrains!

Focusing on its tracks and track systems expertise, Camso provides the ultimate riding experience. The DTS 129’s single rail suspension technology maintains typical dirt bike behaviour – lean, drift, balance, agility, manoeuvrability – the kind of action that puts thrills and chills into every single corner, trail and snow bank blast-through.

At FLYBYU Motorsports we can install and service Camso snowbike kits. We also carry many accessories and upgrades to elevate your snowbike ride!

Camso DTS 129 Snowbike Kit for Beta Motorcycle